The Hotel 4.0

CALL to URL takes your guest information to a new level. Forget about tablets or screens with fingerprints,  and folders and laminated pages, bulky info boards, leather-bound books, and the like.

A little sticker from CALL to URL gives your guests on-demand access to all kinds of information and services – in real time, contact-free, and interactive.

Your guest simply holds their smartphone or other device close to the sticker with the NFC chip or QR code – and up pops the URL, with the digital guest folder or service or whatever information they need, when they need it.

The guest can then quickly and conveniently reserve a table in the restaurant or book an appointment in the spa, cancel room cleaning or get directions to the theater. With its camera function and NFC reader, a smartphone or like-device is all they need – no need to download an app.

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