Communication Using NFC Technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an internationally standardized radio technology that can be used to transmit small amounts of data over short distances.

This data is stored on an NFC chip.  NFC chips are available as stickers, key fobs or cards. They are also incorporated as standard in new smartphones.

The chip is read by any mobile device using NFC functionality, such as a smartphone. The user holds their device near an NFC tag, and the data is displayed on the phone instantly.

The transmitter (the chip) must be held quite close to the receiver (the smart phone) for transmission to work.

In Germany, NFC technology has so far been used mainly for contactless payment by smartphone or bankcard and for mobile ticketing in public transportation. However, NFC cards also function as keys. And the German identity card with digital ID function also contains an NFC chip.

Attached to products and objects, NFC technology offers the possibility of connecting customers or interested parties directly to an internet site (URL), which is stored on the NFC chip and automatically opens the browser and the website when activated.

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