Here’s How We Do It


Working in the field of Internet of Things, we link the physical object (the NFC chip) with its corresponding virtual representation: a website.


How it Works: A Short Step-by-Step Explanation:

  • We create and host a website with an associated URL.
  • We populate the website with your product, service or application information.
  • We encode an NFC chip with this URL, so that the customer can access this information-packed URL with a smartphone – contact-free, anytime, anywhere.


You get the hardware and the web design – all from one source – to make your product, service or application usable anywhere – on demand.

Coded tags

Coded stickers

Coded smart cards

CALL to URL offers your customers added value when using your products, services or applications on the spot, instantly – without googling around!

Information is available on-demand, always and everywhere, 24/7 and in all languages.

Additional services can be ordered and reserved directly.


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