Digitalize Your Studio!

Digitalization is happening everywhere you look. Networking the analog and digital worlds is a mega-trend, enabled in large part by the smartphone, and of course the vast majority of your customers have one in their pocket. The fitness industry is no exception to the trend. We can show you how to merge equipment and training with the Internet to offer a state-of-the-art, professional service.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Profit

With our novel CALL to URL solution, we link your customers with your devices, via the Internet.

Without an app, without hardware expenses.

Your input is minimal, the output enormous.

Here’s How It Works

We give each exercise machine in your studio its own URL with an information page, a QR code and an NFC tag. You attach the NFC tag as a sticker to each machine. The user aims their smartphone at it and instantly gets the URL on their display. All the information they need, such as instructions for the fitness device or even an instructive exercise video. You can also link to your own homepage and thus provide your customer with your latest news and offers directly to their phone.

CALL to URL enhances the customer's experience in your studio!

Maximize the possibilities of digitalization!

Get a head start and contact us now!

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